September 2019

As editor of The Boolarra link I have watched the discussions about the proposal of the Delburn Windfarm, with sadness I see the community dividing about the issue, for or against.

On one side, part of the community is scared to lose their lifestyles, and the value of their assets, as they point to potential health impacts to human, animals and environment. Most are not against renewable energy: many joined the opposition to Delburn in light of information that is often disputed by windfarm companies and proponents – which claims windfarms can indeed harmful to human health.

…So can we risk trying it out on ourselves?

On the other side, some other community members (mostly living a bit further away and not affected directly) support the proposal, mostly on environmental grounds. We are told by the company there are no severe side effects.

The community was promised money which could be spend to improve community assets, but this money wouldn’t directly help any adversely affected members – whom will effectively pay for the benefits of the rest.

I am asking the community of Boolarra and surrounding area to listen to both sides of the discussion, keep an open mind, and exercise tolerance towards other community members especially from the other side.

As editor of The Boolarra Link a paper written by the community for the community regardless of my own thoughts, there will be opportunities for both sides of the debate, as there are articles submitted. I believe organisations representing the community should remain unbiased.

Sylvia Sauppe,
The Boolarra Link.