Business Associate Agreement Rackspace

Liquid Web offers HIPAA-compliant hosting, specifically designed for healthcare. Your HIPAA hosting solution includes fully managed servers, locked server cabinets, counterpart agreements, and extensive security measures. The best way to get started truevault is to request a demo or chat with the company`s technical sales team. Truevault offers three plans covering startups, medium and large enterprises as well as global enterprises. To help you implement its solution, Truevault runs implementation workshops that are essentially 1-to-1 video calls with platform architects. Rackspace is ready to sign a counterpart agreement with public health organizations and has taken all necessary precautions to ensure that its hosting services can be used by healthcare organizations without violating HIPC rules. With Atlantic.Net, HIPAA-compliant data collection can improve data protection and the security of your patient data, enable accurate records, and enable healthcare providers to improve efficiency and achieve business goals. All while reducing costs by reducing paperwork, improving security, and reducing data duplication. Do you need to comply with HIPAA compliance and back up your health and data records, but don`t you know where to start? With over 25 years of experience, Atlantic.NET can help. Their cloud hosting solutions have been designed to secure and protect critical medical records in the healthcare industry, through an independent and certified data center infrastructure and a counterpart agreement. Rackspace will also sign a matching agreement for its dedicated hosting services, which is included by default for healthcare customers. To help healthcare customers meet their HIPAA compliance requirements, Rackspace offers a business associate agreement across all of our dedicated hosting service segments that is listed by default in our customer agreements for these services.

The company helps healthcare companies use their services and comply with HIPC rules and develops an approach that complies with HIPC rules and meets their business requirements. To provide a HIPAA-compliant hosting solution, Atlantic.Net offers a firewall, encrypted VPN, offsite backups, multi-billing authentication, a private hosted environment, SSL certificates, SSAE 18 certificates, and a Business Association Agreement (BAA). Prices start at $385 per month for a HIPAA-compliant dedicated server, but you can also sign up for Atlantic.Net cloud hosting, which starts at just $8 per month. Rackspace is aware that by allowing public health organizations to use its services, the company is considered a counterpart to HIPAA and must commit to hipaa`s data protection and security policies. Rackspace offers HIPAA-enabled hosting solutions in its PRIVATE CLOUD environment, HITRUST CSF certified to ensure HIPAA compliance.