As Long As We`re All In Agreement

Quill, Groot, Drax, the chick with the antenna! Now I understand that you miss your mother, but she`s gone. I told you to leave. And there are a lot of people who have only left one way or another. And you can help them. Is it too much to ask that you remove the crumbs from your beard, let talk with nice pants, and if she doesn`t look, suck up the Infinity Stone and help me get my family back? Thor: Look, sitting there and watching it won`t bring everyone back. I`m the strongest avenger, okay, so that responsibility falls to me. That is my duty. Valkyrie: You know, I would make a lot of changes here. James Rhodes: Look, he still has the Stones, so.

Alexander Pierce: May I ask you where you`re going? Thor: [after Steve Rogers mjolnir called him during the last fight with Thanos] I knew that! × Inserted as Rich text. Instead, add Thor as pure text: [Get up and go to Danvers. They meet on an equal footing. Thor summons Stormbreaker who passes right in front of Danvers` head. She doesn`t even tremble and smiles] I like this one. Bruce Banner: If we do that, how do we know it will end differently than before? Thor: [After a few more seconds, Mjolnir flies into Thor`s hand. He laughs relieved] I`m still worthy! [Thor drops Stormbreaker and beheads Thanos] Korg: The beer is in the bucket. Feel free to sign up for Wi-Fi. No password, of course. For the best, if the funny nice teacher must suddenly become nasty.

Steve Rogers: So let`s start with ether. Thor, what do you know? Tony Stark: No, it`s not just the fact that this glove is channeling enough energy to char a continent. I tell you that you are not in good condition. Thor: It`s time for me to be who I am, not who I am. But you are a leader. It`s you. Thor: [Thor and Quill both laugh] Not necessary. There should be no mutual pinching. Everyone knows who is leading.

Thor: Hulk, you know my friends Miek and Korg, right?. Результатов : 442. Точных совпадений: 442. Затраченное вренмя: 283 мс Tony Stark: Somewhere under all this. All I know is that he doesn`t have it. Thor: [Start breathing hard] No, no, I think I have it. I`m in a panic attack. Carol Danvers: Well, let`s get it. Use them to bring everyone back. Frigga: No, it was a gift. Now you go and you are the man you are supposed to be. Frigga: You`re not the Thor I know, are you? Thor: I`m not done.

The only thing that is permanent in life is ephemeral.