Thrifty Agreement

I do not acquire ownership of the car and no one else you can sell or assign the car. I`m not going to fix the car without your consent. The car is in good general condition, with no obvious defects. They assume no explicit or tacit guarantees as to the suitability or suitability of the car for any use. You are in no way responsible to me or an authorized tenant for any matter or any means in connection with a breach of the tenancy agreement. I waive all rights and remedies granted to me by the single trade code under Article 2 bis. 12.10 damage costs, i.e.: (a) the cost of repairing or replacing the vehicle or part of the vehicle (including the key, keyless start, remote control or other accessories); b) the cost of repairing or replacing equipment delivered with the vehicle; (c) towing and recovery costs; (d) the costs of storing, withdrawing and upgrading effectively and appropriately, including royalties for the release of the vehicle of compounds; (e) the costs associated with other property damage or damage you have caused in the event of an accident; (f) the assessment of royalties, as these are royalties charged to us to assess the damage, in order to determine repair costs using an external assessor, which vary depending on the size of the damage in question; (g) the loss of the user tax, i.e. a fee calculated at 75% of the daily basic interest rate calculated in the rental details document, calculated daily for the number of days we cannot use the vehicle, while we wait for the repairs to be completed or (if it is amortization or if it is a loss or theft) while waiting for it to be restored or replaced. , or while we wait for keys, no start-up key or remote control device will be replaced; and (h) claims processing fees, a fee for processing your claim and preparing repairs, towing and other administrative tasks related to damage or loss or theft of the vehicle ranging from $75 (plus GST) to $250 (plus GST) depending on the value of each claim.

Thrifty Charge Account 12.11 If we have an agreement with a Thrifty Charge account holder regarding the rental contract charges charged to the Thrifty Charge account, all charges expressed in this section 12 that will be charged to you, payable by you or their refund, will be charged and refunded to the holder of the Thrifty fee account.