Service Level Agreement Accounts Payable

“What is measured is done” is a mantra known to all those responsible for shared services. This means that key performance measures (“KPIs”) are achievable, balanced and consistent with service level agreements, cascade with individuals and are related to their performance. “Identifying and guiding some critical measures about our mission, the entire P2P process and the level of service is not an easy trick. We favour an approach of four or five balanced objectives and no more than one or two actions per objective. However, they must all be achievable and be linked to a continuous improvement program.¬†When customers provide certain levels of access to internal systems, exceptional BPO providers can even create dashboards that allow customers to display metric power in real time. A credit dashboard could show, for example. B, how many invoices are being processed, where they are in this process and why some people are waiting to be processed. Ultimately, the key to exceptional customer service comes down to customer satisfaction. But making customers happy while providing efficient service and cost control can seem like contradictory efforts.

The most common S.A. in the area of after-sales services in the OPL sector helps to reconcile and harmonize these objectives. SLAs in the BPO industry are ultimately determined by the unique requirements of an organization and the metrics that are most important to its success. There really is no “One Size fits all” set of metrics. In this blog, however, we give an overview of the valuable service level metrics that companies can take into account as part of their BPO contracts. Service level metrics also help to put problems into perspective. While the cause may still need to be corrected, five mishandled invoices become less alarming if it is clear that another 20,000 were properly processed during the same period. On the other hand, a sudden increase in errors requires further analysis. The best BPO suppliers evaluate their team`s performance using agreed KPIs that are monitored and reported weekly to ensure the quality of work during the month. These measures are monitored and declared in addition to the measures agreed for the level of service agreement. Figures are communicated to the company through a real-time dashboard and/or monthly audit.

SLAs also facilitate communication through monthly service level reviews (LRCs) that allow participants to get to the bottom of problems so they can be easily corrected. For example, a significant increase in the duration of customer calls can help detect product problems before they damage the company`s reputation. The interview continues in the area of payable peeriosity accounts, where approximately 1,000 creditors and P2P-Praktiker-Peers participate in the interview. If this is done correctly, the SLAs in BPO ensure that both parties understand their responsibilities and focus on the right areas, while the metrics used to measure service are defined. They also create accountability and communication, create a dialogue on key issues in the process, and provide corrective action and detailed actions when agreed service levels are not met.