Msp Lein User Agreement

5 Interface Subscriber Agency The agency is subscribed to another criminal justice service that has an established network (Interface Agency), such as a county sheriff. B, a court or a shipping center. The supplier agency may require the subscriber to share the costs. There are also vendors that can act as interface providers. In addition to the cost of the software, vendors can also collect royalties. The Token Agency uses individual SecurID tokens for two-factor authentication to connect to the MiCJIN portal via the Internet to access LEIN. The current cost is $132 per year for each token. Every user needs a je-token. Users cannot share tokens. Agencies cannot send or receive administrative messages when using tokens. When you access LEIN through the MiCJIN portal, a MiCJIN user agreement (RI-93) and a MiCJIN service application (RI-92) are required. AGENCY REQUIREMENTS An authorized user agency must accept and comply with the following requirements: A signed contract must be concluded by the conclusion of a LEIN user agreement (CJIS-001). By signing the LEIN user agreement, the agency administrator (sheriff, chief of police, dispatch director, judicial administrator, etc.) includes the agency in the agreement that defines the responsibilities of all parties and defines state and federal requirements to ensure data integrity and data protection in LEIN and interface systems.

Before testing or implementing connections with the LEIN system, the Agency must apply to the EEA and obtain authorization. The Agency must manage a detailed network security diagram representing the connection or connections with LEIN. The network security diagram must be updated and re-transmitted to the workers list for approval in the event of network changes or device additions, including the addition of mobile computers, firewall updates, credit changes, interconnections updates, etc. The Agency must notify the labour force investigation in writing and obtain prior authorization for any network changes or equipment additions. The authority must comply with federal and government audits of both the Michigan State Police (MSP) LEIN Audit -Training Unit and the CJIS Audit Unit of the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI). Once authorized for each type of direct access, a person (s) must be designated (s) as “TAC” (Coordinator terminal agency). After admission for any type of direct access, a person must be named LASO (local Agency Security Officer). The Agency must, if necessary, enter into an administrative control agreement. Awareness and compliance with national and federal laws, lein administrative rules, FBI security policy, procedures described in the manual lein operations and the NCIC operating manual.

When records have entered LEIN, the Agency conducts monthly validations to ensure the accuracy and completeness of the records and to ensure the validity of its supporting documents (warrants, missing persons reports, etc.). All records entered in LEIN must be valid 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Agencies that enter registrations but are not open 24 hours a day, seven days a week, must look for another method to achieve this standard. Page 5 out of 10 7 Operator Certification All operators must be certified (trained and tested) within six months of use or use. Operator recertification All certified operators must be tested and recertified every two years (every two years). If the operator`s certification test is not available within six months of hiring or is re-certified every two years, an employee is not entitled to operate LEIN.