SSF – OSMI MET Tower Vandalism ‘NOT ON’ says SSF.

Community group Strzelecki Sustainable Futures (SSF) has become aware that the Osmi Met wind monitoring mast has been seriously vandalised and has now been lowered for safety reasons.

The SSF said it was alarmed by this act of vandalism, which has created an unsafe and dangerous site potentially putting people’s lives at risk.

“It’s not on”, says SSF’s Catheryn Thompson, “Putting people’s lives at risk is not part of our community ethic”.

The SSF condemns this action as a totally inappropriate way to express disagreement with the Wind Farm proposal.

The SSF supports the Delburn Wind Farm, and we want to see it done well. We are engaged in getting the best outcome for the project and want the design to be the best that it can be for the local environment and we encourage all parties to engage respectfully in this dialogue.

We support the Delburn Wind Farm as a new source of renewable energy and recognise the value of the Met Tower research data that assesses the wind resource.

“We acknowledge that there is some opposition to the proposal but across the Latrobe Valley there is strong support for the transition to renewables.”

There is no justification for this vandalism, and the SSF calls on community leaders to condemn this dangerous act.

There will be further opportunity for the community to express any

concerns about the project in the near future, when the government

planning committee will be taking community submissions on the

project — we encourage community members to engage with this process. This is the appropriate way to express opinions about the proposal.

Unfortunately, this incident demonstrates that anti-wind misinformation and scaremongering can have potentially dangerous consequences.

Cath Thompson and Trevor Hoare,
On behalf of SSF.

Media Release – Strzelecki Sustainable Futures  11 Aug. 20