Message from the Boolarra Link Committee

The Boolarra Link is written by the Community for the Community, with this motto we like to give a voice to everyone in the community.
Sadly our community continues to be divided regarding the OSMI’s proposal of the Delburn Wind Farm, there are more submissions to the Boolarra Link than the scope of this quarterly newspaper can deliver. We still like to publish content for all different interest and community groups. After careful consideration we have decided to limit the content for the the Delburn Wind Farm in our printed paper. To achieve this we will print only an extract of those articles/ letters to the editor and publish the full content on our web page, conveniently for you to find all under one category see link or QR code published with those articles. We still reserve the right to edit or refuse to publish any content, the Boolarra Link committee feels is not suitable to our publication and does not comply with a good community spirit.
Did you know the Community Directory from the back of the paper and the Business Directory which was published in the past can be found on our website, why not check it out? If you know a group or business which is missing please let us know that we can improve the directory.

Sylvia Sauppe,
The Boolarra Link.