Melissa Ferguson Questions Wind Farms and Turbines

Candidate in the Latrobe City Council elections in the South Ward Melissa Ferguson said there needed to be a lot more consultation and significant new evidence that supports the Wind Farms before she would be supporting the proposal. She said that what needs to be priority is the effect on the amenity to the residents in the proposed area for these structures.

Melissa said that there are a lot of concerns in the Budgeree and Boolarra area that form part of the rural heart of South Ward and over one thousand people had objected and when elected she would be supporting the views of the effected residents. “I will always support the residents of the South Ward”

Melissa, being a significant figure in the initial and emergency relief during the recent bushfire disaster, said that these wind farm towers can be as high if not higher than the power station chimneys and if there was another bushfire disaster like what happened in the Boolarra area in 2009 with the Delburn Complex fire, many residents feel these wind farms could have a serious negative effect in the provision of fire fighting services to these areas including the use of firebombing from helicopters.

Melissa said amenity comes in many ways such as location, productivity and safety and residents buy and live in these areas based on what the area is and what it has to offer. They don’t expect such significant change to this amenity somewhere down the track. People deserve to feel safe in their own homes and I will always fight to insure the safety of the residents in any part or pocket of the South Ward and the Latrobe City.


Authorised by M Ferguson Brewsters Rd Yinnar South 3869