Letter to the Editor to much space to Windfarm Critics.

Dear Editors,

I find it really disappointing that the three local papers all give space in the letters to the editor section week after week to critics of the Delburn wind farm.  Are they the Bolsonaro of Boolarra that you as editors have to cowl down to every week and print whatever they spew out? The disclaimer should read this is an advertisement for the coal industry.

If every person on this planet doesn’t start making sacrifices soon, then very soon the we will be the endangered species.
This Not in my Backyard selfishness is very typical of the way people in affluent societies behave these days.

Where was the Community Alliance when seventy percent of Victorian old growth forests where cut down for timber, wood chip and toilet paper or the one lone farmer and his New Zealand mate who managed to poison and shoot over 400 Wedge tailed eagles in East Gippsland a couple of years ago, nothing just a deafening silence.

People can quote facts and figures all day long from the internet it will tell you the Earth is flat if you want it to be.

We are now in the epoch of the Anthropocene causing thousands of species world wide to become extinct and doing nothing to halt this or change our behaviour.
Such disrespect for the environment both flora and fauna worldwide is hard to fathom.
Do people not understand how interconnected everything on this planet is and that changing the climate and removing the forests worldwide will very quickly bring about our demise.
Doesn’t everyone have or know children and grandchildren ??
What sort of a diminished world are you handing to them ??

The Delburn wind farm and the Frasers solar farm are exactly the sort of projects that need to be built now to help address climate change and all the devastation that will come with global warming.
So that our community is doing something locally to stop climate change.
I live within the five Klm radius and will see at least five of the wind turbines and I can’t wait for them to be built, I wish they would start tomorrow.

Why is everyone ok with 600 tonnes of PM 2.5 particles put into the atmosphere of the Latrobe Valley every year by the power stations and then raining down on everyone in the valley. Last year was even worse as Yallourn had problems with their process so had an 80 percent increase !! What did the EPA do nothing, as the laws let the power stations get away with it.It doesn’t effect anyone in Melb so where’s the harm.
All this is ok, but not a wind farm or a solar farm.

Unfortunately the majority of news papers anyone round here gets to read are run by Rupert Murdoch so we will never find a positive environmental story amongst his offerings.

We all need to be doing things to address global warming now not in thirty years time.


Jim Rasmussen