Strzelecki Community Alliance – June 2020

Regarding the Proposed Delburn Wind Farm
Recently the developer OSMI, submitted a referral to the Federal Government Environment Protection and Biodiversity Conservation (EPBC) department as part of the process for gaining approval to develop the Delburn Wind Farm. At the time the public were given an opportunity to respond to the referral and this process closed on 14 May. Many members of the community responded and sent their concerns about the development of this industrial wind farm to the EPBC.
In an unusual move, OSMI withdrew their referral from the EPBC, but now intend to re-submit it.
The proposed Delburn Wind Farm has a total of 5862 residents (2016 census) living within 5km of the project, and this includes: Moe South, Yinnar, Boolarra, Driffield, Hernes Oak, Coalville, Narracan, Thorpdale, Darlimurla, Delburn and Mirboo North.
Do the residents of these communities know about the proposed wind farm? Most of this population have no idea of what quiet activities are happening.
There will be an opportunity for the community to make their voice heard with their concerns regarding the impact of the industrial wind farm on the precious flora and fauna that exist within the planned development site, once OSMI re submit their referral to EPBC. OSMI have also submitted Environment Effects Statement (EES) to the State Government ad there will be an opportunity to respond to the EES also.
A group has been set up representing the community – the Strzelecki Community Alliance. This group is NOT against wind farms but against the site o

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f this industrial wind farm in the Strzelecki Ranges in the Hancock Plantation. With the recent loss of so much flora and fauna in the bushfires affecting Gippsland, there is even a stronger need to protect what is left.
For further information go to,, (Public notice-referrals. Basic Portal EPBC Act).

Rosemary Parker,
on behalf of Strzelecki Community Alliance.