Pay it Forward – Bendigo Bank


Mirboo North & District Community Bank Pay it Forward Campaign.
Over the last month, the Mirboo North & District Community Bank has implemented the Pay it Forward Campaign. This campaign is collaborating with Lamezleighs Cafe, Healing Leaves, Jimmy Jambs, and Café 3869 in Yinnar (and soon to be implemented in Boolarra also).
The campaign has given an immediate cash boost to the businesses involved. The cafes are delivering delicious food, coffee and cakes to local essential workers with a thank you card expressing our appreciation for everything they do.
The Pay it Forward Campaign also enables the community to participate by ordering an extra coffee when making a purchase at their favourite local café to add to the Pay it Forward Wall. This way the local cafes can keep doing good in the community.
This Community Bank initiative gives our essential workers a well-deserved pat on the back for their dedication in keeping our communities ticking over during these uncertain times.
So next time you get your coffee fix at one of the local cafes, consider paying it forward!Bendigo Bank MN Logo