Letter to the Editor – June 2020

Positive Views

The Hazelwood Power Station chimneys have been a prominent feature of the Latrobe Valley skyline for over 50 years. They were part of a facility that brought jobs, investment and energy security to our part of the country. There was also great harm caused through local and global pollution, asbestos, the mine fire, land subsidence, the sudden closure, and a massive devastated area that now requires rehabilitation over the coming decades. Despite all of this, it was somewhat sad to see the stacks fall. A once familiar sight, a monument of past prosperity for the Valley, now gone. As I look out on our beautiful views over Boolarra, I note the views would be very different to those from this same spot 200 years ago: steam from the Yallourn Power Station, cleared farm land, pine plantations, houses and roads. With the addition of the turbines to our vista, it will be another substantial transformation of the ever changing skyline. They will become a prominent feature for many, and will also bring jobs, investment and energy security to our part of the country, but without the environmental destruction and impact on local health brought about by Hazelwood. When the turbines are finally decommissioned, I wonder if my children and others who grew up with them will also be sad to see them come down. I hope by then that projects like Delburn will have made some effort towards mitigating the worst impacts of climate change and will have made a more livable place for our children. I encourage everyone to remain positive. Boolarra has been and will continue to be a beautiful place to live.

Chris Milne,