Boolarra Primary School – June 2020


Remote and Flexible Learning at Boolarra Primary School

At the beginning of Term 2, students started a new learning journey that involved getting out of the classroom and into the lounge room. We decided to use the online learning platform Seesaw. Students would take photos or videos, and even used Lego and Minecraft in their maths. Each morning, students would start their day by engaging with a morning message that was uploaded by one of the teachers. Here is what a few students thought about remote and flexible learning.

“I think remote learning was a good idea because of COVID-19. I really liked learning all the different things you can do on the computer. Another reason why I enjoyed remote learning was because I was able to do my work at my own pace. I can’t wait to come back to school and learn more about the different things I can do on the computer”.

“I’m here to tell you how students at Boolarra Primary School have learnt and thrived in remote learning. Remote learning was a fantastic opportunity to do your best and share your learning with your family. Remote learning came with many challenges, but we tried our best! One of the downfalls to remote learning was not being able to see your friends, but our teacher would have WebEx video conferences where we could communicate and engage with our classmates. Plus we would get hot food for lunch. For example, toasted sandwiches, two-minute noodles, pies or chips. Remote learning is such an incredible way to learn and I just hope that everyone enjoyed remote learning as much as I did”.

“Remote learning was a fantastic way to learn! I really enjoyed using Seesaw, even though we had some technical difficulties. Like when Boolarra had a power outage! I completed remote learning at school because my mum was at work. It was good being at school with only a few students because I got the sport shed to myself! In the morning, the teacher would put up a morning message for us. I really enjoyed when Mrs Webster would wear a funny hat and we had to guess what object was the odd one out. It turned out to be to be a Halloween witch’s hat. I also liked being in a new learning environment”.

Rainbow Day

At Boolarra Primary School, we decided to have a Rainbow Day. The idea around having a Rainbow Day was to help students, parents and the wider school community feel connected to one another. Students would complete their work and display it in windows. Below are the thoughts of some students:
“Rainbow day was one of my favourite days of school! We had to dress up in rainbow clothes. In the afternoon, I got to do some painting. I only used the colour purple though. During the day, we learnt how to find the area of the word rainbow. I had such a good day! I hope that we can have another Rainbow Day soon!”.

“On 8 May 2020 the school had a Rainbow Day. I really enjoyed completing my maths in rainbow colours. For maths we had to make the word rainbow and then count the area. It was really fun! I also liked the choice activity because I could be creative! I decided to write the word rainbow on a piece of paper that I made using the colours of the rainbow”.

“On Rainbow Day we got to tie dye shirt! They were super fun. We also got to make a rainbow maze with a pot of gold at the end. You could even see both ends of the rainbow I drew. It was so fun!”

“On Rainbow Day, my family and I made a cake for our choice activity. We put in lots of different coloured food dye to make it look rainbow! We also put marshmallows and icing on our cake! I would like to have another Rainbow Day!”

Returning to school

After doing our best in a challenging new environment, the students in Foundation/1/2 all came back to school on Tuesday 29 May. There have been some changes that the students have had to adjust to. Some students made a comment about coming back:
“Coming back to school has been quite different. We are washing our hands before we eat to make sure we are protecting ourselves. Not all the students are back yet, but I have enjoyed seeing my friends. Telling stories about what we have learnt has been fun. I am happy to be back at school”.

“I am really excited to come back to school because I enjoy literacy. I like to learn about word that I can spell. I am very glad to be back”.

“When I got to school, we have been drawing on Stairs to Nowhere. We get to use them to help us spell our words. I have been able to see all my friends again and play games. I enjoy learning new things. I can’t wait for all the students to be back”.

Tom Holt.

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Back to school
Rainbow day
Rainbow day
Rainbow day
Rainbow day
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