Boolarra Memorial Hall INC. – June 2020


Other than a visit from a local possum the Hall has been in lockdown along with many other local organisations and business during this pandemic. It has given us a chance to tidy up here and there including the possum!
We were fortunate to receive a donation of cutlery and crockery from the Boolarra Bowls Club just recently, which will bolster our supplies. Thank you.
The foyer carpet has been cleaned and a new piece of vinyl laid in the foyer kitchen giving a more practical use of the area around the sink and cupboards.
Unfortunately, the small bar fridge in the foyer kitchen has decided to give up the ghost so we will be looking for a replacement unless someone is able to volunteer to fix it for us or conversely has one, in good order, that they would like to donate. If so, just give Roz a ring on 0429 383 686.
When the Hall gets back into swing, you can be reassured that it has been thoroughly cleaned and hand sanitiser will be provided for users. This will be the case after each use of the Hall. Please follow any additional instructions that may be evident.
The next big maintenance will be replacement of the front gutter. Meanwhile apologies for the drips!

Roz Carstairs,