Police Report – March 2020

We have had a car stolen from someone’s address in Boolarra and now I am getting reports that suspicious vehicles had been seen hanging around people’s driveways or residences in the week leading up to the theft. This information may help catch the thieves, but it would be good to know about it as soon as possible, not after the event. If you see something that you consider suspicious please either call 000, Police Assistance line 131 444 or Crime Stoppers 1800 333 000. Today 5 March, I had reported another car was seen in a person’s driveway, a Red Holden Cruze sedan, please be vigilant and if it seems suspicious to you report it. It might be nothing, but also your little bit of information may help us to catch an offender or stop a crime from occurring. We have had plenty of rain already but autumn is upon us and it will shortly be winter so remember to turn on your headlights whilst driving in low visibility and take care. Maintain a safe distance behind the car in front, especially in the rain and take a little more time to make it to your destination safely.

Matthew Ryan,
Leading Senior Constable,
Boolarra Police Station.