Mirboo North and District University – March 2020 of the Third Age

100th Student Driver Passes Thanks To L2P Program

My name is Rob Reynolds and I have been involved with the South Gippsland Shire L2P Program since it began many years ago.
I volunteered for the program after I saw an article in the Mirboo North Times seeking mentors to assist learner drivers to obtain their 120 hours of driving – John Ernst was the co-ordinator at the time.
The program had one vehicle to do the training and was based in Leongatha, which involved me driving to Leongatha picking up the vehicle then driving back to Mirboo North to pick up the student.
Over time people from Mirboo North, with the involvement of the Mirboo North & District Community Bank, raised enough money to purchase our own vehicle which was fantastic, saving mentors many hours of driving to pick up the car!
I really enjoy helping the learners to get their hours up and many students have obtained their licence through this program, in fact I was extremely fortunate to put the 100th student through to obtain their P plate licence.
In helping the learner to obtain their hours, I found it also assisted me with my driving skills – ‘practice what you preach’.
A program of this nature is time consuming and expensive; however, if it helps to save lives, money and time is irrelevant. We have found that the students are very appreciative of the program and the mentor’s time.
While driving around we also find some road laws are, to say the least, confusing and sometimes conflicting or ambiguous in their meaning which are good talking points.
All in all, this entire project is a great success in helping students drive competently ensuring greater driver safety on our roads.
If you know of a local L-plater who is struggling to get enough driving time, speak to the L2P Coordinator at the South Gippsland Shire to see if they are eligible to access the program. We currently have local mentors who have spare capacity.

Rob Reynolds,
L2P Mentor.