Boolarra South Landcare Group – March 2020

We hav

Lunch after working bee-Roz, Milton, Keith, Robyn and John.

e been trying to control weeds at the Mill Site and keep the tracks clear. It is a good time to tackle blackberries and unless you can physically remove clumps then Grazon or Brush Off is about the only solution. There is good advice available from DELWP and a Blackberry Control Manual was produced in 2009 and is a very good resource for the management of the problem. As autumn progresses they will become dormant and control is not as effective. Thistles and ragwort also spread quickly and need to be removed. If you have gorse on your property then help is available. The Victorian Gorse Taskforce supports landowners to reduce gorse across Victoria. They have field days, extension services and mapping and

they develop resources for events and collaborate on projects. They can be contacted at
Another nasty weed is serrated tussock because it spreads quickly and is unpalatable to cattle. It can be differentiated from native tussock by running it through your fingers. Native tussock feels as though the edges are flat, serrated tussock has a fine leaf and will run smoothly through the fingers. There is no one strategy to eliminate it and it is not a one off or quick fix issue. Non-chemical control means manual removal and chemical control involves spraying with glysophate.

We have put up some different types of nest boxes at the Mill Site and will see whether they attract tenants. Corrections Victoria have been a great help mowing around the Arboretum and we also have regular help from young di

Some garden re-vamping around the gazebo with Roz, Milton and Alison.

sabled people who will rake up bark and trim bushes. We have arranged for the repair of the bridge at long last and will be very happy when this is achieved. Falling trees c

ontinue to be a problem and have done minor damage elsewhere and tracks always need clearing. We would love some more help at our working bees on the second Saturday of the

month at the Mill Site from 10 till noon, every little bit helps so if you like your bush walks come and help us to keep the tracks open.

Denise Schiller.