Boolarra Primary School – March 2020

Cooper’s Swing

Four years ago the students at Boolarra Primary School set themselves a goal to make our school more inclusive. We had a new Foundation student enrol who used a wheel chair. Our students developed a plan to raise money to build a swing for Cooper. Several years later this goal was finally achieved and we now have a nest swing installed. Below are a few of our student’s reactions:
“At Boolarra Primary School we got a new web swing! It is awesome. Everyone love

Cooper’s Swing – new web swing
at the Primary.

s it. Everyone takes turns and shares. It was cool watching it get made because there was lots of rubber and plastic used. It took weeks for it to get made. They decided to put it right next to the LTC building. The rules are: don’t go to high and one to three people at a time. When there are lots of people in line, you can play in the playground while you are waiting or you can go on the oval or play some basketball. The swing has been mentioned for years and we finally got it!!! Everyone was so surprised when we heard we got it. It is awesome and we love it!”


“When the swing was getting built, it was fun watching them because they were using digging machines. I think it is really good that we got the swing for Cooper because now we can play with him on a piece of play equipment. It is really good for everyone as well because we all really enjoy the spider swing.”
“We got a new swing at school! Mrs Duncan got the swing for the whole school to use. When I am using the swing, other students come on it with me. I really like it because it is so much fun!!”

Yinnar & District Interschool Swimming Competition

Every year Boolarra Primary School gives students an opportunity to test their swimming skills against other students in our area. The event is held at Churchill Leisure Centre. Students self-nominate to compete. This year, two of our students moved to the next level to compete at the Regional Level. Below are thoughts by two of our students who competed at Churchill.
“When we got there, it took a long time to start. There were lots of kids and I mean LOTS. Most of the other kids had goggles. Unfortunately, I kept hitting the wall which was a little funny. I was swimming my heat and I came third which I was really proud of! After all of the activities, Boolarra Primary School cam

Cooper enjoyed three pancakes at Shove Tuesday pancake day..

e fourth out of about eight schools. I had a great day!”
“My mum drove me to the pool. I had to swim backstroke first, which, I am not the best at but I worked really hard to finish the race. I was happy to finish the race and I didn’t come last!!! When we were done, they gave us our score and put us into sections while we waited for our next race. It was a great day!”

Shrove Tuesday

On Shrove Tuesday we had some helpers come into school and make us pancakes. They were so big and delicious! We got to put maple syrup on them! I hope we get them again soon.
Today was really fun. I really liked all the pancakes that I ate. I was lucky and got to eat three pancakes! The pancakes were really big and it was awesome. We should do this every week.

School Leadership

It was a great privilege to be elected as the 2020 School Captains this year. We have always wanted this job and we are excited to pursue this important role. The cool jobs that we get to do are running assemblies, helping set up events, setting a good example to others and at the end of the year we get to interview the next School Captains for 2021.
“Being School Captain takes responsibility and we highly recommend the role to others willing to take it on after us. Looking at previous school captains, we were inspired by their dedication to this amazing school, and we chose to extend this dedication by doing it ourselves. This gave us something to be extra proud of and gave us an opportunity to end the year with a smile on our faces as the successful applicants were announced at our last assembly for 2019.
Another asset to

Fun craft activity Boolarra Primary School.

being the School Captains is that we get to be on the student leadership team where we get to promote students’ voices so the school can be the best it can be. This makes us super confident about the school’s bright future! We love being at Boolarra Primary School and being a leader makes it better! We encourage others that are up to it to follow in our footsteps, as every School Captain before us has, and make Boolarra Primary School even better!”
Isabella and Bree.


Boolarra Folk Festival

Every year the students of Boolarra Primary School open the Folk Festival concert on Saturday. Our students practice their drumming performance two days prior with the maestro, Steve Shultz. Our students play a range of percussion instruments that include bells, gongs, drums and whizzy tubes.
“Jackson r

The traditional drumming to start the Boolarra Folk Festival.

eally enjoyed the part when Steve led the entire au

The traditional drumming to start the Boolarra Folk Festival.

dience and school in a clapping ensemble of ‘our turn, your turn’. He found this really funny and enjoyed the participation from the crowd. Matilda went on the big drums at the back for a couple of songs. She really enjoyed this because she got to use the drum sticks. This meant that her hands didn’t hurt as much.
Both Matilda and Jackson loved the soundscape that was created by putting the different sounds together. We can’t wait until next year”.
Matilda and Jackson.

Tom Holt.