Boolarra Memorial Hall Inc. – March 2020

The Hall continues to just tick along, providing a great venue for the community of Boolarra and District. However, we need your help to ensure that the Boolarra Memorial Hall continues to belong to the residents of Boolarra into the future.
Many newer residents and perhaps some long-time residents may not be aware that the Hall and the land it stands on actually belongs to the community of Boolarra.
The committee of the day is entrusted with its maintenance and administration.
Built by the townspeople of the day and opened in April 1962, the Hall is a Memorial to the Fallen of World War II and Korea. Their names are on the side of the Hall where the lovely Big Red geraniums grow and on an honour board in the Hall. A beautiful wooden plaque above the main doors into the Hall reads “They Gave Their Today for Our Tomorrow”. The Hall was refurbished in 2008 and we are now looking at some necessary maintenance works on the gutters and painting of doors etc.
Our Hall may not have a tomorrow if volunteers from the community don’t put up their hands to join the Hall committee. We schedule our meetings for the third Thursday of the month at 7.30pm at the Hall. We don’t always have a meeting. It depends what needs to be discussed or actioned. Meetings are short and friendly.
Please contact any of our stalwart committee members if you can contribute. You will be more than welcome.
The Hall offered Devonshire Teas on Folk Festival day. It was an extremely successful venture with our small committee and friends busy non-stop from 9am to 3pm when we actually ran out of scones, but still the customers came even just for a cuppa and a chance to put their feet up or chat with friends. As this is our only fund-raiser for the year so it was very pleasing to have such a great day. Thanks to the hard-working committee and friends who worked tirelessly all day.

Secretary – Roz Carstairs 0429 383 686, President – Robern Lubawski 5169 6494
Treasurer – John Lubawski 5169 6494.
Committee – Kat Kershaw, Liz Black, Clayton Cupples.

Roz Carstairs.