Boolarra Friends of the Red Cross – March 2020

We enjoyed a Christmas lunch at the Yinnar Pub, we had already made our booking before the Boolarra Pub reopened. We will look forward to celebrating Christmas 2020 in Boolarra.
Red Cross Calling: for many years we have enjoyed the support of the 1st Yinnar Scout Group who door knocked in both Boolarra and Yinnar townships. They have now decided to be involved in other community projects and we wish them well in their future endeavours and thank them for all their years of service to Red Cross.
Collection tins have been placed in the Boolarra Store, the Post Office and the Boolarra Pub. We have also placed collection tins in various outlets in Yinnar, Churchill and Mirboo North.
Due to dwindling membership, we are unable to hold as many fundraising events as in the past years. This year we have only two events scheduled, the ever popular Fashion Parade and the Big Cake Bake. Both will be held at the Multi Purpose Room, Monday 4 May at 2pm for the Fashion Parade and Monday 19 October 10am to midday for the Big Cake Bake. We hope you will be able to support both events.
Many questions have been asked regarding the bushfires and Red Cross role in supplying assistance. Some misleading information has been circulated and we would like you to read the following article which has been provided by Red Cross Head Office.
How Red Cross is using the Funds Donated for the Bushfire
Most Important things to know:
1. Every dollar donated to the Disaster Relief and Recovery Fund since July 2019 will go to disaster in Australia.
2. $5 million funds Red Cross emergency teams to help on the ground for any disaster in Australia. The rest of the fund, now at more than $115 million, will go to the bushfires now and as communities recover. The majority of this amount will be for financial assistance for the people affected.
3. The first payments totalling $30 million are being made to people whose homes have been destroyed.
4. A bereavement payment of $20,000 is being made to the next of kin of people who have died in the fires, for expenses like funeral costs.
5. $18 million will be spent on a three year Community Recovery Program. It takes time to recover from a disaster, physically, mentally and financially. Initial grants help people who have lost their homes for accommodation, food on the table and replacement of clothes and basic everyday costs. Three months in, the bills will accumulate, in six months they may begin rebuilding their home. A year from now, the trauma may start to sink in. Red Cross will be there to help in every step of the recovery program.
6. Administration fees will be kept as low as possible. These costs include tracking donations, managing grants, collecting and analysing information, reporting to donors and meeting legal privacy and protection obligations. The fees for administration will be kept well under 10 cents in the dollar, previous disasters have been as low as 4 cents.
We hope this brief summary is helpful to you. For further information go to: funds.

Glenys Morgan,
5169 6721.