Boolarra Community Hotel – March 2020

Tom Curtain Strikes The Right Chord
We were lucky to have Tom Curtain return to Boolarra with his outback themed show – We’re Still Here. The underlying message was about the stick-with-it-ness (that’s a better term than resilience) of rural communities. For the staff, volunteers, and patrons of the Hotel, the message was very apt. All the institutions running in Boolarra add up to a marvellous strength that supports everyone. Well done, all of us.

Sunday smorgasbord – BCH.

Talking about volunteers, we have at least one vollie who has NEVER worked as a volunteer before; she’s always been in the paid workforce. She just loves the whole experience. So readers, if you want to join in, there are all sorts of tasks needing to be done. It’s a good way to meet and keep up with other locals.
The campers who stay here notice two things – the friendly welcome from the whole town, and the lovely green outlook. No matter which direction they come from, they’ve seen a countryside that is suffering. They really relax in our small town charm. And a special thanks to the campers who have joined in with Hotel volunteering.
I’m writing this the day before the Folk Festival so I’m confident that the event will go off without the weather/fire problems of last year. Like a lot of people around the area, we have friends and family members staying for the weekend. They are looking forward to catching up with locals and ex-Boolarra-ites either near the main stage or at the other offerings around town.
In the last Link, we announced the return of meals to the Hotel and this has been a great success. The a la carte dinners on Friday and Saturday are going well and the buffets on Sunday have been popular, especially for families. Thanks John and crew.
Good weather is attracting people to the Beer Garden. This is a great feature of the Hotel, especially since it was done up over a year ago. I don’t think there is a better outdoor social spot around. Check it out when you get a chance.