Strzelecki Sustainable Future – Dec. 2019

Delburn Windfarm Proposal.


Some Facts

The Delburn Wind Farm proposal will contribute to the just transition of the Latrobe Valley away from the polluting coal fired power generation of the past to a cleaner, zero carbon dioxide electricity grid of the future

Community Benefits

  • Jobs : up to 150 during 2 year construction, 10-12 during 30 year operation.
  • Neighbourhood profit sharing for properties within 2km of a turbine will support land values and bring income into the surrounding communities
  • Community benefit scheme will deliver $150,000 per annum for local communities for local projects
  • Share purchase scheme : locals will be given the opportunity to invest in the windfarm and share in the profits
  • Rates-in-lieu paid to local councils will replace some of the rates paid by closing power stations.
  • Wind power is much cheaper than coal power so Delburn will help to reduce power prices for everyone.

Health and Wellbeing

  • Despite the fears of some there is no scientific or epidemiological evidence of negative health effects caused by the presence of wind turbines in Australia or worldwide.
  • The 200 MW produced by Delburn will help to replace a significant amount of burning coal and so lead to better health for Latrobe Valley residents and workers.
  • Coal dust, and particulates in the flue gasses of coal fired power stations (PM2.5 and PM10) are now known to have serious health effects. Residents and workers in the Latrobe Valley have suffered these for 70 years.

Global Warming

  • Zero carbon dioxide electricity generated by Delburn will help move Australia and the globe closer to the low CO2 future that will help avoid the catastrophe of more than two degrees of Global warming.
  • Transitioning to a zero CO2 renewable electricity grid is the easiest and cheapest way of reducing our domestic CO2

Latrobe Valley Just Transition

  • Latrobe Valley needs alternative industries to replace coal burning electricity generators which will close over the next 10 or 15 years. Delburn provides part of this alternative.
  • Skills and infrastructure are here that could enable it to become a renewable energy hub.
  • Delburn will make use of the existing transmission lines that will otherwise stand idle as the power stations close while renewable energy plants in other places struggle to get access to the network because of lack of transmission infrastructure. Latrobe Valley can provide unrestricted access to the grid.


  • OSMI is following industry best practice by starting the information and consultation phase of the project 12 months before submitting a planning proposal.
  • OSMI are sharing technical information as it becomes available from the technical assessments that are being done for the planning proposal.
  • OSMI do not have a final proposal yet and are keen to include feedback from the community in the final project design wherever possible.


  • There are no government subsidies in the business case for this windfarm development.

Forest Fire

  • Extensive discussions with the CFA suggest the fire plans exceed CFA and AFAC bushfire guidelines including aerial firefighting.
  • The turbine towers will have lightning rods to deal with lightning safely and prevent fires started by dry lightning.
  • The wind farm will maintain windbreaks, roads and water supplies that will assist firefighting.
  • The presence of wind farm workers will deter arsonists and enable early detection of fire.


  • Sitting astride the Strzelecki Highway the wind farm with its giant turbines will be a tourist attraction with potential to draw tourist dollars to the district.


  • OSMI plan to use the latest available turbines.
  • They will be some of the largest land based turbines built in Australia.
  • Large turbines are more efficient and more productive.
  • Larger turbines are more spread out and so have less visual and audible impact.


  • OSMI will plan the windfarm to be compliant with all government standards, rules and regulations.
  • The windfarm will comply with all EPA requirements.