Ross Hall celebrates 92 years.

On November 28 William Ross Hall celebrated his ninety second birthday.  Ross was born in 1927 at his Grandmother’s home in South Melbourne.  At a few days old he came back to his family home in Budgeree and has lived here ever since.

Ross worked alongside his two brothers, Bruce (Dec) and Alister, on the Hall family farm until 1989 when the families decided to divide the farm up and move from dairying to beef.  Ross considers himself as a retired farmer now although he keenly overseas the running of the farm by his son, Matthew.

Ross and his wife Daisy, have travelled extensively around the United States and Europe but Mr Hall claims “the most beautiful site in the world is the one out his kitchen window that overlooks the Hereford cattle and down the Prosper Valley”.

Mr Hall considers himself a very lucky man who has lived a long and mostly happy life.  He has four children, Russell, Dianne, Matthew and Leanne and twelve grandchildren.  Mr Hall said, “I have to keep myself well as my Granddaughter, Caitlin, is getting married in January and I want to be there”.

Ross wanted a quite birthday with no celebrations.  “A man my age doesn’t need anything,” he said.  Ross celebrated the day with Daisy and his daughter, Leanne, visiting his sister Gwenda (aged 94) for lunch in Sale.

Leanne Potter.