Queen for a day

Budgeree resident, Leanne Potter, recently competed at the Milestone Pageant in the Philippines. Leanne was representing Australia as Mrs Australia Classic and was part of a team of five Australians who travelled to Manilla.

Leanne said “It was great fun, although extremely challenging, especially with the humidity which made my hair stand on end.” Mrs Potter was awarded two sub titles of Timeless Beauty and Social Media Queen and then won the International Pageant title of Milestone Mrs Classic Platinum. The Platinum title recognised the beauty and strength of older women. Leanne said “I was so thrilled to win the two sub title and then they announced I’d won Mrs Classic Platinum and I thought it was a mistake. It was such a surprise and huge honour.” Mrs Potter went on to say, “Although I had prepared well, I really hadn’t expected to win anything, I was the oldest competitor in the competition.”

Leanne found the most challenging aspect of the four-day competition was having to be ready each morning by 7am in full makeup, high heel shoes and appropriately dressed for the day’s activities. The practice, judging and activities often went until midnight. “I didn’t think my feet were going to make it,” Leanne said. “Although my four inch heels are normally really comfortable, with the high humidity and heat, my feet slipped around in the shoes and gave me blisters on my blisters,” she added.

One of Leanne’s team mates, Jen Louise from Tamworth, also won her section coming home as Miss Milestone International. The team were accompanied over to Manilla by the Australia Milestone Director Jasmine Farlow from Newcastle. “Jasmine was a great support,” said Leanne “she has competed overseas many times and knows exactly what to do and how to play the game”.

Leanne and Jen are currently the only International Pageant title holders in Australia for 2019. Leanne says she now gets a rest for a while. “As an international title holder I am not allowed to compete for the next 12 months until next year’s winner receives my title.”

Leanne Potter.