Editorial: – Dec. 2019

We are now in December and many are in preparation of Christmas, a time traditionally seen as a time of peace and understanding.

Unfortunately in our community the division is deepened by a commercial company. Each side has some passionate members who forget to listen and respect the other side, I noticed community members abusing another resulting in a ‘letter to the editor’ being withdrawn as the author feared for himself and his family. To further add to the situation, the removal and destruction of banners and signs, sometimes disappearing at night is showing a disrespect of the view of others.

I believe everyone is standing for the peaceful life in our country town to protect what we have, however the view of how we get there is different. Each side has some evidence supporting their argument. Everyone has to decide which side of the argument they sit on and whether the big corporations are really trying to create environmentally friendly power or weather they are trying to line their pockets by lying to us. The question is whether or not a wind farm of this scale is the right way to go in a plantation or it should be built in a more suitable place, keeping in mind that once it’s built we cannot decide later.

With the approaching festive season I hope that we as a community can find a way to listen to each other, respect others with a different view and remember what we have in common.

I wish everyone a Merry Christmas and a happy new year and a safe, fire free season.

Sylvia Sauppe,
The Boolarra Link.