Boolarra Primary School – Dec. 2019


Cooper’s swing – $17,00 was raised.

Several years ago our students had a vision. They noticed that one of our students wasn’t able to access our play equipment and they wanted to remedy this situation. They fundraised and grants were found. In all approximately $17,000 was raised. As is the case in any good story, this wasn’t the end. The school realised that there were special conditions in having swings and we needed to seek permission from the Education Department. We were given approval and as such were able to place our order. At the beginning of this month our swing was erected and the rubber matting is about to be installed. By the end of the month our swing should be useable. We are very excited to have this, we are now one of the limited number of schools to have a swing.

Super Kids – School Production

This Term, our students performed Super Kids. We firmly believe that Performing Arts provides our students with opportunities to collaborate and be reflective. It provides opportunities for our children to develop responsibility by learning lines, songs and preparing costumes. Students also develop communication skills as they learn both verbal and non-verbal methods to deliver their message. Students need to step out of their comfort zone and become confident in being someone else. We couldn’t be prouder of our students as their acting skills and commitments were outstanding.

Here’s what some our stars thought:

Carly (Nigel Matinee Performance) – “It was a really amazing experience. Having a main part in a play was something I had never done, but always wanted to. It was really challenging learning new lines and I got to know and work with people I would not normally hang out with. I got to know people better and developed some new friendships.”

Isabella – (Nigel evening performance) – “I really enjoyed the experience. I liked hanging out with my friend and having a main part. When the show was finished, I felt extremely proud of myself. I have had a main role to perform before, however this time I felt I performed much better. I really enjoyed collaborating with my schoolmates and performing in front of my parents.”

Angus (Bull) – “It was a fabulous experience and I had lots of fun. Being in a play is a lot more work than it would seem. It was a nerve-wracking experience. When we performed, I pretended the audience was not there and it was just a rehearsal. This made me think that if I did something wrong it would not matter and took the edge off my nerves. I am proud of myself because I got to play a big part in Super Kids.”

Breanna –

“It was really cool working with two Nigel’s. After the matinee performance, I thought I had somethings I could improve on. I reflected on what I did and made improvements for the evening performance. This was my first time of being on the stage a lot. I was in every scene. It gave me a lot of nerves thinking about what could happen next and what teachers would do. I was excited everything went so well. It was amazing working with my classmates. Having my turn on the microphone made me beam with pride.”


Shoebox of Love’ – Connecting with the Community

Students in Ms Smith’s maths group undertook a project in their Money unit where they designed a ‘Shoebox of Love’ to send to a child in an underdeveloped country as part of Samaritan’s Purse Operation Christmas Child project. The Shoebox had to include an item from the following six categories; clothing, school supplies, a toy, personal hygiene, something to love and something special. Students had to research these items online, record and add the prices and find the change from $50. Once finished, students voted on their favourite Shoeboxes. Our joint winners, Laura and Asha then got to order their items and make their Shoebox a reality! In their shoebox was a necklace, a dress, a teddy, a toothbrush, pencil case and squeegee caterpillar.


We are excited that we will be making a few improvements to our furniture and facilities as we thought we needed a bit more colour to brighten things up. We are replacing forty of our table tops with bright modern table tops. Our students chose the colours and they elected our colours represent each of our School Houses. They are very excited for some new ottomans we have ordered, six in each of our Years 3/4 and 5/6 classrooms.

Flags Of Resilience

Flags of resilience BPS.

Our students have worked on a project based on the theme, ‘Flags of Resilience’. Each student made their own flag, which was used to make one of four school large flag collages.

The project was organised by Maya Fraser, created as a response to the recent bush fires earlier this year. This provided an opportunity for the local communities (Yinnar and Boolarra P.S.) to come together and celebrate resilience in the face of the devastation that bushfires and other natural disasters can bring.

The exhibition of flags was held on 26-27 October in the Boolarra Community Memorial Hall. This project was supported by the Boolarra Community Development Group and the Latrobe City Council. As acknowledgement of the great work our students received a mixture of sandpit toys.

Caring for Our Environment

New Initiatives:

  • The establishment of our student action team to ensure all rubbish is sorted and correctly disposed of.
  • The up and coming creation of our own Frog Bog.

Planting of fruit trees.

Susan Duncan,
Boolarra Primary School.