Boolarra Link AGM 2019, President’s Report

There are many reasons to be proud of our little newspaper. Firstly, it continues to grow in advertising interest, in volunteer support and in the breadth of stories we cover. But, most importantly, The Boolarra Link continues to grow as the primary means for locals (both living in Boolarra and districts and further afield) to learn about what’s going on in our neighbourhood, our history, and the stories that make us unique.

I again am humbled by the support the newspaper gets from our community. Locals want to express their views in our paper. They see us as the means for sharing their stories with others. Many are proud to see their stories in print. And these stories help us become more connected and closer together.

I would like to thank immensely the small team of volunteers that makes this paper a reality, quarter after quarter and year after year. Sylvia and Alan, you work tirelessly to prepare off the paper ready for it to be printed, adding captions, doing a final proof read, typesetting adjustments and the like. Matt, you have worked hard to get our finances under control. Paula, your photos help the paper come to life. And to Deb, thanks for being part of the proof reading crew.

Yours Sincerely,
Luke Potter,
The Boolarra Link.