The grass roots group ‘Strzelecki Sustainable Futures’ – Sep. 2019

We came into being to provide a hopeful outlook on the proposed wind farm development.

Many of us have lived in the Latrobe Valley for 20 years or more and we have seen the coal pollution from the power stations and have called for change away from fossil fuel burning to renewable alternatives.

The links between the burning of fossil fuels and human activities – evidence of climate change impacts points to the need for urgent action. Multi-species are at threat due to climate change and we don’t know how much irreversible change we are doing (ABC Climate Change, 11 August, 7.30pm).

Our local communities have the opportunity to support the growing energy evolution to wind that will help transition the Latrobe Valley away from pollution. We are part of the solution taking positive action for a sustainable future.

A community is made up of many voices and it’s understandable that people have concerns. The community engagement process continues until March next year and Osmi are committed to one further review by December. We encourage people to visit the Osmi office, talk with the community engagement officer, and express their concerns.

Climate action challenges us to transform our world. We believe the Wind Farm is an appropriate development in a pine plantation where existing transmission lines will be used to feed into the grid and expert fire risk assessments of the area will lead to actions to reduce fire risk in the area.

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If you are interested in being an active member of our group and coming to our monthly meetings contact Catheryn, 0435 048 153.