Shannon’s Concert

On 23 June,  the Memorial Hall was filled with music thanks to generous support from the artists who entertained us. Duenna, the women’s choir from Budgeree, fittingly opened the pro

gram with a range of songs which suited the occasion. The Tenor Stephen Hyndman provided a wonderful selection of songs from Opera to Folk and received much acclaim. We were also fortunate to have a

beautiful String Quartet from the Peninsula Chamber Musicians who appealed to all age groups with the choices they gave us. We had hoped for good attendance and were not disap

pointed e

ven though we knew there were other attractions for the musical audience in Morwell. Dates were not able to change so we were apprehensive but worried unnecessarily. The Memorial Hall co

Penninsula Chamber Musicians String Quartet.
Penninsula Chamber Musicians
String Quartet.

mmittee provided a country afternoon tea with lots of home-made delicious goodies and added considerably to our takings for the day.

This was a real

community event.  Thanks first to The Boolarra Link which provided opportune publicity by ensuring the June edition came out just before the concert. The Boolarra Community Development Group and The Memorial Hall committee both had vital roles to play.

Grahame and Lynda Code were the initiators and people with the musical contacts to make this happen. Without the generous support of the musicians there would not have been a concert. Stephen Hyndman came from Brisbane and performed in Melbourne so detoured to Boolarra. The Peninsula musicians had a couple of hours of travel and some members of Duenna are not locals. Thank you all.

We are aiming to raise $20,000 and are getting closer to the target. The concert added another $1,300 or a little more and we are up to about $15,000 now. Thank you everyone for your support of Shannon.

Denise Schiller.

Stephen Hyndman from Brisbane.
Stephen Hyndman from Brisbane.