Leanne to Walk on the World Stage

Budgeree resident Leanne Potter is travelling to Manilla, Philippines on September 19 as part of the Australian team in the Milestone Global International pageant.   Mrs Potter said “I am very excited but also very nervous, as being in an international pageant is very different to the ones held here in Australia”.

Leanne started competing in pageantry in 2018 and was selected to represent Australia after being seen at a pageant in Sydney in November.  Mrs Potter said “It has been a lot of hard work in the lead up to going to Manilla.  We have to do a lot of appearances, photos, social media and of course make sure we are looking good.  This takes a lot of physical and mental preparation, a little like an athlete preparing for the Olympics”.

The pageant will commence on 19 September with four days of competition starting with arrival at the airport, and will include orientation, city tour, national costume, a talent section and evening gown. Mrs Potter said “you are judge throughout the four days on your appearance, etiquette, confidence and passion for our platform which is raising awareness about domestic violence. It is also about the friendships you form with the other women from around the world that I enjoy most.”

Mrs Potter recently attended the Australian Golden Sash Awards held in Sydney as she was nominated as one of the top four in Australia for her humanitarian works and volunteering.  Many of you would know Leanne from her work refurbishing the historical Budgeree Hall.

We wish Leanne great success in Manilla.