Boolarra Primary School – Sep. 2019

Term three has been an exciting term at Boolarra Primary School. Our School’s vision often guides us in the activities the students undertake.

At Boolarra Primary School we value creativity, curiosity and innovation. We recognize the fundamental importance of reflective and adaptable thinking. Our students are empowered to generate their own course for lifelong learning and make purposeful contributions to their community.

This term we have had a strong focus on developing curiosity in our students. We believe that we need to provide real life experiences so our children can engage and relate to the world around them. Through these experiences we aim to promote curiosity so our students can investigate areas that are of interest to them.

Healesville Sanctuary Excursion

During week three, all students at our school visited Healesville Sanctuary on a whole school excursion. Our students travelled by bus to the Sanctuary and spent several hours exploring the zoo. This excursion formed part of student learning within the curriculum area of Biological Science. We arrived in time to see the Bird of Prey Show. This was amazing and we were all in awe of the clever birds. We saw a Wedge-tail Eagle soar above our heads and catch tiny bits of meat thrown by its handler. We also watched parrots and a Black-breasted Buzzard. After the show, students explored the zoo. The Animal Hospital was a big hit and we were able to observe medical procedures being performed. For one of our Year Four students this was a life changing moment as he announced he was going to be an animal surgeon. One of our main focusses was how animals adapt to their environment. We also learnt about the importance of caring for our world. Our Foundation/One class used this experience as a provocation to build models of animal habitats.


Our SLICE program has run for four weeks. In this program students choose from a range of activities. This term students could choose from activities that included electronics, cooking, craft, basketball, growing things. Community members are invited to run sessions based on their expertise. If you are interested in sharing your skills and running a small activity group in Term 4 please contact our school. These activities are used as provocations so students can develop their own inquiry project. Students are currently working on their individual projects.

Crazy Sock and Hair Day

Our School Council has been fundraising to raise money for our refurbishment of our playground. In the oncoming weeks we will be having a nest swing installed. We are all very excited as the planning process has taken longer than anticipated. Much of the money for the swing has been raised locally and will begin a process of making our outside learning spaces more inclusive. As part of our fundraising venture we sold very colourful socks. This has been an extremely popular venture and we anticipate it will be regular on our fundraising calendar. To promote this we held a Crazy Sock and Hair Day.

Yoga and Mindfulness

Staff at Boolarra Primary School understand that in preparing our students for the future we need to ensure they have the skills to manage their own health and wellbeing. We have been extremely fortunate this term to be invited to participate in a Yoga and Mindfulness Program that runs for the entire term. Yvette Atkins leads the students through weekly sessions. Students are introduced and practice breathing techniques, yoga poses, stretches and develop their understanding of how our emotions can influence our behaviour. This has been a fabulous project and has increased awareness of some of the simple techniques we can use for our own mental health.