Boolarra Christian Fellowship

 Hi Folks,

With Christmas around the corner, it’s time to reflect on love and good cheer again!  That does not mean spending big and then regretting it all afterwards.  It’s really your choice if you break the budget!  Besides the joy is in the thought of giving and receiving, not making the stores rich, or who gives or gets the biggest, most expensive presents.  The getting together in good spirits, the sharing of time, that rare, precious commodity, and the forgiving nature with each other that really matters.

Time and love are our greatest gifts to each other.  We don’t even need lavish food to celebrate, just good, healthy food and in moderate amounts.  Don’t be sucked in to commercialism and you’ll feel better immediately at any time, whether at Christmas or otherwise.

Peace to all men on earth.

Merry Christmas to all Boolarians and their families and friends.

Above all, Happy Birthday Jesus.

After all, Jesus is the reason for the season

* * * * *

Some people believe by being a Christian, you can’t smoke, drink, have fun, swear, get angry, or dislike others, and must be at church every Sunday.  Not true!!  It’s all between you and God.  Your relationship with Him will determine how you handle those issues.  Want to know more?  Talk to Him personally or come see us at Boolarra Christian Fellowship Church at Tarwin St, next door to the Primary School.  We meet every 1st, 3rd and 5th Sundays at 10am and every 2nd and 4th Sundays at 5pm for dinner and meeting.

We are a Pentecostal/Charismatic, Bible-centred church with a mix of all sorts of people.  Our meetings include singing with the band, prayer time, teachings, fellowship and fun.  Come with no expectations, as we are all human like you with many faults! We, too, like to have fun and good times together.  We are in the business of preparing for Jesus Christ’s return and we welcome you to join us anytime.

Now, for those who are fortunate to realize we are about to celebrate Jesus Christ’s birth, below is the story of why we have candy canes at this time.  I bet you thought it was just another ploy for rotting your teeth!!!

Celebrate Jesus’ birth and know because He was born, we have the choice to go to heaven.  If you make room for Jesus in your hearts, He will make room for you in heaven.

The Story of the Candy Cane

There were once two villages in a far off land.  One was in a valley, and one was on a mountain top.  The people in the mountain village wanted to give each person in the village a gift of love at Christmas.  The people in the valley were having a difficult time, but those in the mountain village we doing well.  So they wanted to give the valley people something special.


Money was limited, and each gift had to be of equal value to each person.  After much time, discussion, and consideration, a decision was finally reached.

An elderly gentleman, who had loved Jesus for many years, and who was well respected and loved, came up with the idea of the candy cane.  Now, you are thinking “What is so special about a candy cane, and how can it ever be tied in with Christmas?”  Here is how and why:

    1. The candy cane is in the shape of a shepherd’s staff. Jesus is our shepherd, and we are His flock.
    2. Upside-down, the candy cane is a “J”, the first letter in Jesus’ name.
    3. The wide red stripe reminds us of the blood of Jesus when he died on the cross for each one of us so we can have everlasting life through Him. His blood is the only thing that can wash away our sins.
    4. The white stripe reminds us that Jesus was without sin. He is the only human being who ever lived on this earth who never committed a single sin.
    5. The narrow red stripe reminds us of God’s words in the bible which says that “by His stripes, or wounds, we are healed.”
    6. The peppermint flavour is similar to the herb, hyssop, which is part of the mint family and was used in Bible times in offerings to make things pure.
    7. If we share our candy cane and give it to someone in love, it represents that same love of Jesus, because He is to be shared with one another in love.