Legend of the Smiley Face Pirate Invasion by Harry

In the year 2034, five friends are in a secret lab in Perth. They are sleeping like sleeping beauty. When it turns 5:00 am, Darius wake up.

“AAhhh!’” said tired Darius as he turned on the Xbox 360 and put in Black Ops. A loud noise woke up Jason.
“What are you playing?” asked Jason
“I’m playing Black Ops!” replied Darius “Wanna play Zombies?”
“Okay!” replied Jason

They were on round 23 and they had ray guns, when they got to level 40 Rory woke up and watched them play zombies. At level 60 Harry and Samuel woke up. Jason and Darius died at level 109 and Darius yelled, “Let’s have breakfast!”

After breakfast Harry turned on the news

“A usual day” said Jason.
“Yes it is” said Rory.
“I have to go to work” said Samuel.
“See you at 5” said Rory
“I need to go to work too, can I come?” said Harry
“Sure!” replied Samuel. Harry and Samuel leave for work.
“Oi, I am going to play Black Ops, want to play again?” Darius said to Jason
“No thanks, I have a job.” replied Jason. Jason and Rory went to work.
“Well, looks like I am playing one player” said Darius to himself

A few hours later Darius went into McDonalds and sees Jason there.

“What are you doing here?” asked Darius.
“Well I lost my job at Harvey Norman because I was all alone and I tried to steal a TV” Jason pulls a sad face “the manager walked in and fired me.” said Jason
“That sucks,” said Darius feeling sorry for Jason. “Any way can I have a Big Mac, large fries and a chocolate milkshake please?” asked Darius
“Sure” replied Jason.

Jason made the order and said, “thank you come again!”

3 hours later everyone came home except Harrison.

“Where’s Harrison?” asked Samuel
“I don’t know” replied Jason “I’ll call him.”

Jason called Harrison and was shocked to hear what he said. He turned on ABC news 24 and there was breaking news

“Breaking news today it seems there is a pirate ship comin to Perth!”      said the news reporter. “How did you find this ship Harrison?”
“Well I was doing my job as usual and I saw this weird figure through the window. I looked through the binoculars and there it was.”
“Well there you go folks! There is a pirate ship heading our way!” said the news reporter.

10 minutes later Harrison walks in the room and yells,


Everyone was shocked. They all looked at him with their mouths open.

“Let’s grab our guns.” said Rory.

They all grabbed a ray gun which is a gun that holds 20 shots and holds 160 ammo. They also had a weapon of choice. Rory had a thunder gun. A gun that shoots 50 km of wind.  Harrison has a trench gun. A pump action shotgun that holds 60 spare ammo. Darius has a Wunderwaffe. A gun that shoots 5000 volts and can spread to people near the shot. It electrocutes who it spreads to. Samuel had a deployable mg-42. A machine gun that holds 50 bullets in the gun. Samuel holds 500 bullets of spare ammo. Jason has a double barrelled shotgun. It is a shotgun that has no pump and holds 2 bullets in the gun and holds 60 bullets of spare ammo

“Let’s go!” said Samuel. They all went outside and saw the pirate ship 150 km away

“Shoot Darius, with the Wunderwaffe!” yelled Jason
“Shooting!”  yelled back Darius. He shot at the pirate ship but the pirates did a counter attack and the shot came directly at them.
“AAAHHHHH!” all of them yelled. They ducked the shot and saw the damage behind them.
”Whoa” exclaimed harry
“We need a plan” said Rory.
“Samuel and Harry, go behind that building over there! (Jason points to a 2 story building.) We will go over there!” Jason said.

They get into position and when they get behind the buildings the pirate ship landed. Jason gives the thumbs up to show that he was ready. Samuel gave the thumbs up as well to show that he was ready.  Samuel gives the thumbs up to show he is ready.  Darius was about to shoot his Wunderwaffe when he tripped over a stone and fell to the ground.  Luckily his guns fell behind him.  Unfortunately he was also seen by the pirates.

“Oi, get him!” said the leading pirates.

The pirates grabbed Darius and tied him to the pole on the ship.  Jason jumped behind the pirates while they were turned and said, “Any last words?”

Harrison, Rory and Samuel walked up beside him.

“Fine then say goodbye.”

Bang! 42 Pirates were killed by the shot.  Harrison, Samuel and Rory opened fire on the pirates.  Darius was struggling to get out of the chains, he wriggled and moved about but he couldn’t get free. Jason got near Darius and became very tiny, he ran from the pole and became normal size again.

“Cool as!” said Darius. Samuel threw Darius his gun and they joined the fight.

There were 3 pirates left but Harry and Darius only have a bullet each.

“Rory, go for more Ammo!” yelled Samuel
“I’m going”
“Oi Darius, shoot the following pirates and then chase the leading pirate!” yelled Harrison.

Harrison and Darius shot the pirates, put away their guns and went into chase.

“Harrison, flank him and trip him!” Yelled Darius. “I’ll get him to you.”

Harrison turned into the street, grabbed a stick and hid.  Just after that the pirate ran around the corner followed by Darius.  The pirate ran right into the stick, he tripped and slammed onto the concrete.

“Jason, Samuel, why did you come here?
“Got the ammo,” called Rory.
“Good job,” said Darius.
“Here you go.”
“Just shoot him!” yelled Samuel.
“No, we need information from him,” interrupted Jason.
“I am not saying anything.” said the pirate.