Know your local businesses Grand Ridge Computers.

The Boolarra Link Committee is running a series of articles to help promote and support Boolarra’s local businesses.

The focus this issue is Merrick Hilton from ‘GrandRidge Computer Services’ who has helped us wisely spend the funds donated by the Boolarra Community Development Group and Latrobe City to purchase new publishing equipment. Merrick navigated us through the minefield of choosing and installing new software and hardware items to assist the committee members in producing a better Boolarra Link.

GrandRidge Computer Services is a home based small business located in Boolarra.

Its owner, Merrick Hilton, says that 2011 marks the twentieth year of his involvement with computers and computer peripherals. In 1991 he commenced a dot matrix printer ribbon re-inking and cartridge refilling business. This business progressed to the establishment of GrandRidge Computer Services in 1999 when the focus changed to building, upgrading and repairing computers.

Merrick has longstanding associations with several computer distributors in Melbourne from which he sources components from brand name manufacturers to build custom desktop computers.

He is also able to source a wide range of software, monitors, printers, scanners, cables and other office equipment from his suppliers.

GrandRidge Computer Services also sells notebooks and accessories from a range of manufacturers including ACER, ASUS, Sony and Fujitsu.

Also offered are on-site assistance and off-site repairs, system upgrades, virus or spyware removal and configuration of home and small business computers.

GrandRidge Computer Services is registered with the Australian Communications and Media Authority as a manufacturer of electrical and electronic products which are supplied with a C-Tick mark of accreditation.

GrandRidge Computer Services may be contacted on (03) 5169 6473 or 0429 696 473 Email: