Imagine by Ella

Imagine you are on a small raft drifting down a beautiful bright ocean.

You are in your own world.You feel like you’re in a dream but you’re not. You suddenly have an urge to jump into the water.

It’s like the sea is calling you in. All of the sudden you jump in. You start to worry because you don’t have enough oxygen. You come out of the water but your raft is gone! You go back down into the water just in time to see your raft going down.

You follow it down.

You feel like you have enough oxygen to last you for ages. You follow your raft down until it hits the bottom.

When you touch the bottom a little crab crawls on to your big toe. You try to shake it off but it’s like it’s stuck on. It’s pointing its claw at an old ship wreck. You swim over to it. When you get there you see at the top there is a statue of a turtle. You look at it and you feel sure that its mouth moved. You blink. When you open your eyes the turtle has came alive. It is stuck. You swim over to it but when you get close you go back to where you saw it. It’s like there’s a magic force field surrounding it.

You start to get really annoyed. Just when you were about to crack you see something gold out the corner of your eye.

You look around and you see a gold treasure box with jewels on it. The little crab is pointing at it. When you get over there the little crab points at the biggest jewel. You press it. The treasure box opens. You look inside and all you can see is a full oil can. The crab points at the turtle. You go over to it and this time you can reach it. You put some on the turtle and it is free. It starts to swim off. You follow it. It comes to a cave. The crab on your toe is pointing at the cave. You go into the cave. It’s like it’s pulling you in. Just when you get into the cave you can’t breathe. Just when you think that you are going to drown you are back on your raft drifting in the sea. You think of the crab and the turtle.

Then you decide that it was just a dream.

You look down at your toe and you see a little mark shaped like a crab.

 By Ella  O’Kane    Grade 4