Boolarra  Stompers – Relay For Life – Dec. 2011

Members of the 2011 Boolarra Stompers

Well, another year gone for the relay. Wasn’t a good one, thanks to the stormy weather, cancelled, but the Latrobe teams raised over $92,000.  How good is that!

We had a couple of fundraisers and raised lots for the Cancer Council of Victoria for research and for support for people going through the traumas of it all. We have a few other ideas for our fundraising effort which will happen in the next few months. So keep looking for posters around the town which will tell you what’s on, when and where.

The Relay was actually 19th & 20th November at the Gaskin Park sports ground at Churchill.  Remember last year?  It was the worst day to be outside at all.  Rain coming down in buckets and wind that blew some of the tents down. This year we were looking for some sun. Not hot but nice warm sun, and no rain. But what we got wasn’t what we wanted. The times were changed to keep everyone out of the “sun”,  4.00 pm Saturday through to 10.00 am on Sunday morning, but after the cancellation we didn’t have to worry about that either.

Boolarra Stompers Bill & Val Kingston at the Relay for Life.

A couple of hundred of us turned up at four o’clock on the Saturday arvo as the committee had organised a run-thru of the different ceremonies that were to take place. There were the opening speeches and then the carers and survivors ceremony including the lone piper who played his chosen song. It was all quite touching really.  We had the Candlelight ceremony and everyone was invited to place a memory bag with candle outside to honour someone they knew who is no longer here or for someone who is going through cancer at the moment. Judging by the number of bags a lot of people took the opportunity to honour and remember someone they love.

Raffles were drawn, Awards bestowed and Medals presented to the team captains. It was also nice to see Russell Northe there, who participated in some of the presentations. It was great to see the different teams with their outfits and headgear. We must thank Tania and her Mum for doing the face painting. Kids love it.

Oh Well, there’s always next year, so think about registering early so we don’t miss out on the right shirts as we did this year, which was only because of the big increase in the number of registrations. The colour for 2012 is Royal Blue.  Let’s make 2012 a great year for the Relay For Life.

Who are we? We are the boolarra stompers
What did we do?  We didn’t stomp around ovals for cancer research.
When didn’t we do it?  November 19th & 20th.  Yeeeehhhh.

See you soon,
Gwenda Pither,
Team Captain for the Boolarra Stompers.