Boolarra Community Website

The Boolarra Community Development Group is in the process of establishing a website. Sylvia Sauppe has done a great job in setting up the basic format and you can visit this at Any feedback would be appreciated; bearing in mind it is still in the development phase. We are hoping to have a formal opening in mid-February.

Our intention is to target the site at locals and to encourage them to visit it regularly.

To do that effectively we need to source content that is up to date and interesting and useful to locals. While we will have resources dedicated to updating the website, we need the assistance and support of individuals and groups in the community to provide up to date information for inclusion in the site.

The benefit to the individuals and groups is that you can keep the community informed of what you are doing, attract new members and increase support for your activities.

The general format of the site will be:

  • A ‘Home Page’ which will include;
    • A selection of recent photographs
    • Calendar of events
    • Classified advertisements
    • Reports from local groups
  • Links to local groups who also maintain a website and who are keen to increase the number of ‘hits’ they receive.
  • A community directory with;
    • List of contacts
    • List of meetings
    • Local Business Directory
    • Local maps (Including Heritage Signage and Old Mill Site walks
  • Archive and general information about Boolarra.

A letter will be going out shortly from the Boolarra Community Development Group to all community groups seeking their input and assistance in bringing as much current and relevant information together as possible, in a way that will be useful on a regular basis to local people.

Further information will be sent out in the lead up to the launch, however, any ideas are most welcome.

Colin Brick.