Boolarra CFA News – Dec. 2011

CFA Predicts Bad Fire Season For Grass Fires

Due to the consistent rainfall during the past few months grass growth rates across Victoria have been the greatest for many years. Once the warmer weather sets in and the grass cures the likelihood of running grass fires will be significant. PLEASE PREPARE NOW by clearing and clearing up around your property.

Advice regarding the best way to prepare your property is available in a booklet available from the fire station.

Why not borrow our fire fighting trailer?

A reminder that the Boolarra Fire Brigade has a fully equipped fire fighting trailer that community members may borrow to ensure their little fires do not turn into bigger ones. The trailer is equipped with a water tank, a pump, hoses, a fire lighter and rake hoes. In the past few weeks we have been called out to several incidents where small fires have got away form their supervisors. The trailer may be booked through Roger at the Post Office.

Boolarra Tanker Retro Fitted With Protective Sprays

The Boolarra tanker has recently been fitted with an automated fire protection spray system and protective drop down curtains that will assist crew members survive a burn over of the tanker. In the Churchill Fires of 2009, two of the fire tankers our crews were manning were burnt over in fire storms and they had to manually go into “crew protection” to survive. The Mirboo East tanker will be fitted out in the near future.

CFA to Build New Station For Mirboo East Tanker

Our brigade was recently advised that the CFA is building a new fire station to house the Mirboo East tanker. The building will be considerably larger than the existing one and we allow us to store some of our trailers, negating the need for us to build another storage shed in Boolarra. After consultation with the brigade it has been decided to build the new station next to the Boolarra South Hall as it would not fit on its present location and is a central location for Boolarra members to crew the tanker.

CFA asked To Reconnect Our Siren

Following a request from the newly formed Boolarra Community Emergency Siren Committee, the CFA has been approached to re connect the Boolarra Fire Station siren before the fire season. The siren was disconnected during the refurbishment and extension of our station due to the presence of asbestos in the control panel.

Morwell Group Support Car At Boolarra For Fire Season

The Morwell Group will place the Morwell Group Support Car at Boolarra for the Fire season. The Ford Territory, which is fitted with several radios, will be used as a fire ground command vehicle when needed.

Keep That Steel And Old Batteries Coming In

The Boolarra Fire Brigade is grateful to all those people who keep depositing scrap steel and old batteries in and near our scrap metal bin. The money raised from these generous donations goes towards much needed fire fighting equipment.

Have you created or revised your fire plan?

With the fire season bearing down on us rapidly, it is time for everyone to either create or revise their FIRE PLAN. It is essential for you and your family’s safety that you have a FIRE PLAN that all family members know and understand.

If you would like assistance in writing your FIRE PLAN please contact Dave O ‘Brien – 0428 696462

Boolarra, Yinnar and District local emergency action plan

Last year all households in the area were issued with their own copy of our LOCAL EMERGENCY ACTION PLAN (LEAP). May I suggest that you familiarize yourself with its contents before the fire season. New residents to the area who have not been issued with a copy can obtain one from either the Post Office or by contacting Dave O’Brien


We can laugh now


It wasn’t funny then!

The Boolarra Fire Brigade is often asked to help people, groups or organisations in the town to perform specific tasks that need doing and that we have equipment and skills to complete.

Recently one our community minded and valued brigade members was asked to help the school out by hosing away dirt and mud on a concrete area near the newly erected building. Usually we organise a few members to complete the task but on this occasion and being such a simple one the member decided that he could do it himself.

After driving the tanker to the school he proceeded to wash down the area with water to clear the concrete of unwanted material.

Unfortunately he ran out of water before the job was finished so stopped the pump, rolled up the hose and returned to the fire station to refill the tank.

Once there he connected one end of a short length of 64mm hose to the metre high standpipe in front of the station and the other end to the filling coupling point at the rear of the tanker and then turned the water on.

After a few minutes 3,000 litres had filled the truck and water began to overflow through the overflow pipe. He quickly turned the water off and jumped back into the fire truck to return to the school to finish his wash down task.

Almost instantaneously when he began to move there was an almighty screeching and crunching noise so he jammed on the brakes.

But it was too late!

In his rear vision mirror he could see a geyser of water billowing high above the shed into the air and there still connected to the truck was a length of hose with the stand pipe on the ground, still attached.

And that’s why people living in Austin Street didn’t have water for 18 hours recently!