Boolarra Book Club – Dec. 2011

Our book club continues to be a great time of reading, sharing, learning and friendship.

We have read “Wolf Hall” recently and found the time of Henry VIII in England fascinating.

Our present book is “Throim Way Leg” by Tim Flannery – an adventive story of New Guinea brimming with shared memories, different cultures and describes the concept of thrusting out your leg to take the first step of a wonderful journey to that bird shaped island directly to our north.

We held our November meeting on Cup Day in a member’s wonderful garden in Korumburra where we wore hats, tasted delicious food and discussed the wonderful dioramas (some very large) created in the garden to symbolize books we have read.

We have one last meeting in December at Robern’s – a Christmas feast where we will discuss Christmas books we have read.

We recess in January and meet again the first Monday in February, however we will have two books to read on the beach and look forward to our next year of sharing and loving books.  We still have a couple of places so if you are interested please ring Robern on 5169 6494