Bike Ed by Eden

On Wednesday, October 19th, The Boolarra Bike Ed team went to the Morwell Traffic School to compete in the Region Finals.

To start off we had to have our helmets checked by a police man who is always there. My helmet was fine.

After that we had to find a bike that was right for your size. Just after that we had to do our first ride through. I was the first rider so it was scary.  I didn’t really do any good the first time because I had the wrong bike.

Ms Dryden and I were running around trying to find the right size bike. We found one as they called my name to start riding.

The order of the activities were balance beam, 10 second box + look back scan, drive way ride out, roundabout, slalom, limbo, mine field and U-turn.

I was nervous about it all but I had a good time. Now we get to go to another one because we got through to the next level.

The team came 5th overall. Now we get to compete in the State Final on Friday 25th of November.

 By Eden Hassett