Ballarat Camp by Darius

It took five hours to get to Ballarat, I was sitting next to Rory most of the way. We stopped at Melton for lunch, a play and to go to the toilet. We got back on the bus and I sat next to Cody until we got to Ballarat.

Cody, Blake, Samuel, Rory and I got moved to another cabin because ours was for the bus driver. Now my cabin was Cody, Alessandro, Cooper, Daniel, Isaac, Kane, Darcy, Mathew and I.

The next day we went to Sovereign Hill. I was in group two and my leader is Ms Reggardo. We went to a self-guided tour called the Red Hill Mine tour, which was at 11:30. The tour is about the conditions and the second largest gold nugget which was called the welcome nugget and it weighed 69 kilos! The rest of the day we had to fill in our sheets about Sovereign Hill.

After lunch we went across the road to the Ballarat Gold Museum, it was interesting. There was a 360 degree view of Ballarat in the 1850s. Then we looked at the different type, shapes and sizes of gold. Then we went back to camp, to have dinner.

About two hours later we went back to Sovereign Hill for the show, Blood on the Southern Cross. It was very interesting and exciting. My favourite part was when the Eureka Hotel caught on fire and driving in the bus/train machines – they were awesome!

The next day we went to the old Ballarat Cemetery to fill in a sheet. After we went to the Ballarat Art Gallery and played hall of debate. I was Peter Lalor the commander in chief of the miners, married to Alicia Dunn and I lost an arm. Then the tour guide showed us a big painting which happened over 150 years ago. Then we went to a big park/playground for lunch. After lunch we went to the garden house and then went to the tram place. We looked for our ancestors names on the wall of remembrance. We were leaning on it and it was boiling hot! We went back to camp and went down into the mine, which was down the hill. We had our formal dinner, watched RIO then went to bed.

Friday was our last day of camp. We packed up our things and headed off. I sat next to Tyde the whole way home. It took 1 hour and 30 minutes to get to the Old Treasury Building in Melbourne. Then we had Hot Dogs for lunch. We got back on the bus and drove for another 2 hours until we got to Trafalgar, then Thorpdale and then Boolarra.

By Darius Mehran.