Walk on the wild side – with benefits!

Heads up to all the many walkers in Boolarra (and their dogs!)  Have you taken a stroll through all the tracks in the Old Mill Site yet?  If not, do it soon.  The Landcare group have done a magnificent job (and continue to do so) restoring around 5 km of walking tracks which were lost to us in the bushfire.

The Group have recently celebrated the completion of the project and also opened the site on our Open Gardens weekend.  The arboretum is planted out at the Foster Road entrance, which also includes a composting toilet, gazebo with seating, a little wooden bridge over the dry creek bed and other seating available while you stroll around checking the plants which are listed on the information sheet available in the Map Box – along with the track maps.

Most of the tracks have been topped and levelled with gravel, and drainage points are working well.  There are a couple of seats on the tracks and the signage and maps will ensure that you don’t get lost.  Entry can also be obtained from the Cemetery, the old Scout Hall and Bastin Street.

My many walks in the site with the dog are a very enjoyable experience.  Depending on the time of day, there is often total silence except for the calling of birds, rustling of leaves and the crunching of the gravel underfoot – peace and tranquillity!

Wildlife has returned to the bush, however numbers are still building.  The occasional thump thump of a kangaroo or wallaby can be heard, as well as possible wombat rustling in the thick bush bordering the tracks which are open to walkers.  There is still plenty of bush and tracks adjoining this site for horse riders and the like and we are extremely lucky to have this peaceful haven on our doorstep.