Boolarra & District Youth Theatre Company presents . . . ‘Beauty is a Beast’ – Dec. 2011

Boolarra and District Youth Theatre Company presented ‘Beauty is a Beast’ on 21 October 2011.  The story was set in medieval times at a village named Callentine. The royal family of Callentine were kind and fair and for their good deeds a fairy godmother rewarded the royal family with their first born daughter made to be the most beautiful person in the world.  Making beauty that way was a big mistake, the story showed beauty to be beautiful on the outside but her ego and attitude made her intolerable until she is made an outcast and discovers her sister to be the real beauty.  Beauty learns the errors of her ways and the story ends with a double wedding and much to celebrate.

Cast and musicians preparing to sing “I feel Pretty” prior to ntermission.

Britt Lewis our director sourced a script we didn’t need to pay for, keeping our strict budget in mind and prepared the children involved in their first attempt at a drama piece.  Britt had the youth working on fun drama activities and confidence building games before we got more serious about performing a piece in the 3rd school term.  It was fantastic to see the youth return each week for a fun time and Britt is largely credited for this and showed a dedicated attitude to her work with us.

The production team behind the scenes were very busy in the last couple of weeks before the performance.  Kristy Mills, Ruth Kelly, Helen Seals, Maurice Papa and Garryelle Rose contributed to set design which completed and complimented the performance wonderfully.  The arrangement of extra lighting was provided by Lachlan McCreaddie, setting the scene off beautifully. Clayton Cupples and Ramon Toman took care of sound, enabling everyone to be heard in a large space.  Costumes were sorced and made up from dress up boxes from home within the group with Garryelle sewing additional pieces of her own curtains onto one of the dresses and repairs.  All of the cast put their own touches to their costumes themselves with Britt providing extra props such as bags, money and scrolls etc.

Beauty is a Beast wouldn’t have been complete without a song or two.  Garryelle played guitar on an adaption of ‘I feel Pretty’ with the cast members  accompaning her with fine voice.  Dylan Goodman, on electric guitar, Maddi Papa on piano and Garryelle on acoustic guitar played for Jinny Brick leading the first verse and Bella Papa leading the 2nd verse and other cast members singing harmony to ‘True Colours’ which was a lovely way to end Beauty is a Beast.

Cast members with Britt Lewis at the end of the evening.
Back row: Maddi Papa, Britt Lewis, Mia Cornell, Bella Papa, Erin Hoghton, Tonisha Wucherpfenning.
Front row: Carlene Seals and Eve Cornell.

The cast members:  Erin Hoghton, Mia and Eve Cornell, Carlene Seals, Tonisha Wucherpfenning, Maddi and Bella Papa, Bridie Huston, Jinny Brick, Mirabel McCreddie,  Airtrea, Emre and Meila Cupples.

The Beauty is a Beast performance event was always intended to be low key, providing the youth a chance to perform and celebrate their first drama piece without too much pressure. Families arrived early as cast members prepared and enjoyed picnic dinners as they waited for proceedings to start. Success was achieved in many aspects and the cast now knows what needs to go into putting on a drama piece. Perfecting and learning lines needed more work but we can honestly say the cast couldn’t stop talking about how much fun they all had. Hearing such positive feedback from the youth involved makes all the hard work well worth the effort and all that effort was worth extra community audience participation and I’m sure we won’t be as shy to share next time.

The Committee comprising of President Garryelle Rose, Treasurer Samantha Brick, Secretary Lisa Papa, Set Design Kristy Mills and general member Myriam Walker, wish to thank all parents for allowing their children to participate.  The Boolarra and District Youth Theatre Company aims to foster youth and their talents through planned rehearsal activities in a safe environment and as a Committee feel they are providing the opportunities for growth as intended.

Family members watching proceedings.

Committee members have been working on grant submissions and have recently been notified of a successful submission.  This means ongoing plans for a large community event for next year.  Talks have begun in preparation for next year’s planning and are pleased to have invited Pat Clancy to negotiate what is required in planning a larger event.  So bigger things await us for the year ahead and the excitement is starting to build with some planning meetings to be scheduled.  We would like to see more people involved in this planning stage so don’t be shy if you think you have something to offer our group. We will endeavour to post dates and times of meetings when we can.

Boolarra and District Youth Theatre Company gratefully accepted a donation of funds originating from a grant submission application from the Mirboo North and District Community Foundation.  The presentation took place on Monday 21st November at the Walter Tuck Reserve.  At the presentation our youth were invited to perform and happily await another chance to perform and to say thank you.

Music Workshops are what Boolarra and District Youth Theatre Company is working on at the present with the aim of performing at the Boolarra ‘Carols in the Park’ event.  Phillip Shuhmann, Clayton Cupples, Kate Reiske and Garryelle Rose are guiding the youth in singing a couple of tradditional Christmas carols and other inspiring song choices.

Music Workshops

  • Where: Boolarra Memorial Hall
  • Time: 4.30pm – 6.30pm
  • Sessions will cost $3.00 per person
  • Please bring a piece of fruit (snack) and a drink.


Workshops will be held each Thursday with a focus on performing at the Boolarra ‘Carols in the Park’ on Thursday 22nd of December 2011.

We look forward to seeing everyone at the Boolarra Carols in the Park on Thursday 22nd of December 2011; proceedings get underway at 5.30pm.

All corespondence to
Boolarra & District Youth Theatre Company,  P.O. Box 25, Boolarra Vic. 3870.
President: Garryelle Rose on 51165163. 
Secretary: Lisa Papa on 51696371
Treasurer: Samantha Brick 0427824722