Boolarra Cemetery Trust – Dec. 2011

New shrubs and trees have been planted to ‘fill the gaps’ due to losses from the strong winds and other natural causes and all are doing well after the heavy rains.

The Trust has applied for grants from the Department of Health for a computer to assist with administrative tasks and for a grave cover.  We are confident of success with these grants, however due to the heavy volume of such requests, do not expect to hear the results until the New Year.

We have also applied for funding from the Local History Grants Program to assist with the collation of cemetery records; results of this application will not be known until June 2012.

On a very positive note, we are pleased to welcome Mr. Matt Gleeson to the Trust and are confident that his local knowledge, abilities and enthusiasm will be of great benefit to the Trust and the community of Boolarra.

Glenys Morgan,