Boolarra by Night

Boolarra by Night

out there.
we are nowhere at night.
the bush sits still at last.
drips thud into the sodden earth
from the gums above.
we sit with wet bums on a damp log
before the crackle of our fififi re.
the river sweeps by furiously in the dark.
gulping up the bank.
in the fififi relight you teach me about fear.

“ what do you think is out there? ”

I go over this. over and over.

wolves monsters murderers.

I have never seen such things and yet in my mind I
can see them. lurking in the shadows.
snarling. circling. waiting.
to rip me to shreds and leave me to rot half eaten in
this nameless gully.
you teach me. there is nothing.
nothing beyond the light to fear.
you teach me. I am not afraid of this dark.
only of what I cannot see.


hoto & poem by Eloise O’Brien