Round the Traps with You Know Who

Wow, hasn’t it been damp?  Froggy and his mates Duckie and Waterhen had to head for higher ground and all the animals had to be careful when wandering around. Sammy snail, who hides in the CFA shed said that one day the heavens just opened right up, but the animal council thinks it may have been something else.

Talking of the Animal Council, (runs like the BCDG) they were pleased to hear that Thumper the flat footed power player is going to take a firm hand on the hoons that cause much concern to both us and the humans.

The Wallaby’s have all been talking about the road side slips, on both sides of the human paths (roads) all around our patch.

Ah well, time to sit back and munch on a carrot and enjoy the brief spell of sun.

See ya soon.