Boolarra, Yinnar and District Community Exercise Group – Sep, 2011

The group continues to meet regularly, apart from a two week school holiday break.

Many of the group complain when Kathleen has a break as we all appreciate the benefit to our flexibility and motivation of our regular social activities.

Even though the mornings have sometimes been chilly, numbers of participants have been maintained with a few new members also joining in the fun.

As the old adage states: the more the merrier.

The exercise to music is varied and the focus is often on back strengthening or improving posture and balance.

With spring in the air, many of us are keen to be outdoors after such a long cold, damp spell and want to tackle those jobs such as pruning. It is all too easy to overdo activity with this flush of enthusiasm and amateur gardeners know the resultant ache of muscles called upon without preparation. (Collective groan!)

Regular, appropriate exercise may help avoid this suffering.

This gregarious group meets at:

  • 9.30am Mondays at Boolarra Memorial Hall
  • 10.30am Fridays at Yinnar Memorial Hall

New member are very welcome

Our nationally registered and accredited instructor has more than 20 years’ experience and specialises in postural correction and pain management.

So if you are keen to be more active and you are interested in maintaining or improving your fitness in a friendly and supportive environment please come along.

For further information phone:
Kathleen   or Kate.