Boolarra Primary School- Writers’ of the Term -Term 2, 2011

Artists of the Term – Lydia.
Crazy Knights – Thomas.

Crazy Knights – Thomas

Once upon a time there was a knight and his name was Deck. He was stuck doing all the jobs for the other knights. One night when the knights were all asleep Deck snuck out. He put his armour on and got a horse and ran away over the hills until he found a good place to camp. When he did he laid out his tent and set it up.

The next morning he woke up early. “I’d better get going,” he thought. So he got his stuff and went. While he did that, the other knights woke up and said, “Where is he?”

In the meantime, Deck found a village. “I’m hungry,” he said. So he went into the village and got something to eat. Then he went further. While he did that the other knights went into town. They terrorised the village to try and find Deck.

When Deck stopped the other knights came. “We meet again,” they said. They fought each other and at the end, Deck won. Then the people came and Deck found a new home with them.


Life as a Dung Beetle- Airtrea.

Life as a Dung Beetle- Airtrea

“Today was open day at the M.C.G. A couple of horses came, let’s dig me hardy’s.”

“Ok, you have this one and I’ll take the one that looks like stew.”

“What about we swap?”

“Oh no, it hasn’t set properly. It looks like spew. Have you ever tasted spew? It’s quite delicious.”

“Oh yeah, I’m a dung beetle, I’m supposed to eat dung, but I prefer kitty litter. Did you even know that kitty litter is my best friend? Here kitty litter? Here kitty litter?”

“Oh no, it’s starting to get dark.”

“Ok just stay calm!”

“Fred you go into this cow pat and I’ll take the one that’s rotten.”

“Wait this one’s the furry one.”

“Oh no Bruce, you have my one and I’ll have your one!”

“Wait before you leave, I’m still brushing my teeth, hey why is everyone leaving? Oh yeah, I told them to go to sleep.”

“Everybody WAKE UP!!!!”

“Yes, Master Fat Gobi. Master sit in your big fat racing chair. Wait, I got the wrong one for your birthday.”

“You’re going too fast!”

“You cheated!”

“Did you know that my brother eats 100 hamburgers a day?”

So that’s why he is called Big Fat Gobi Master and why he had a dream of Bella being a Princess.”


Too Much Money is Spent On
Toys and Games- Caleb.

Too Much Money is Spent On Toys and Games- Caleb

I believe too much money is spent on toys and games. I think money should be spent on groceries, newspapers, tools and clothes.

Money shouldn’t be spent on toys because you have to pay the bills and that’s more important than toys for kids. Kids get plenty of toys at Christmas, so you don’t have to buy them anymore.

Money isn’t spent when you are playing outside building things, making art and doing arts and crafts. I don’t spend my money on toys and games. I just give it to mum because I don’t use it and she can look after it for me.

Money shouldn’t be spent on toys because kids already have plenty of toys and the toys they have get broken, so why should you buy them anymore?


Patch and Dan- Lydia.

Patch and Dan- Lydia

Dan is a little boy who lives in Wagga Wagga.

Patch is a little dog who has nowhere to go.

One day when Dan and his mother were walking along a path they came across a small animal curled up in a ball.

Dan walked over to the ball and patted it slowly. The ball slowly uncurled, Dan’s eyes lit up. It was a little dog.

“Can I keep him mum, please?”

“Oh alright,” said Mum.

“His name can be Patch because of all those black and white spots on his back.”

One year later.

Patch has grown up, so has Dan.

Dan doesn’t play with Patch any more, Patch is lonely.

One dark rainy dark, miserable night, Patch decided to run away. Patch found a dry spot outside a shop.

That night Dan knew something was missing. He went outside to find that Patch was gone. They looked night and day and night and day, until one day when they were on their way to look in the park they saw a little ball. Could it be?

“Patch!” Dan yelled. “We found you!”

After that Dan and Patch never stopped loving each other.