Boolarra  Post Office  Natters – Sep. 2011

The year has flown and September’s here.  Will not be long till Christmas and then we will be celebrating another New Year. It has been a busy one again and lots happening around our town.  People moving out and others moving in. It doesn’t seem to have stopped. But that’s what keeps a town alive and moving forward.

Looking out the shop window as I do every day a lot of the time, only because I have the best window view in the town, I see when children are playing in our lovely park and it’s great to see people having picnics there also. Happening a lot these days.

It is getting close to us being able to go right along the Rail Trail.  Still a little bit to be done first though.  Don’t the new bridges look fantastic.  We are so lucky to have some great  places to go for a walk and a picnic. All nice and close to town centre too. The Old Mill Site is another to have a nice walk.

Like a lot of people I can’t believe just how quickly the children who were little babies this time last year, are now toddling around and trying to be useful by bringing in the parcel notices for Mum and all you see are the fingers over the counter. I love it. And the other kids who have moved on to Kindergarten come in with things they have made or  tell me what they are being taught to do. It’s all progress isn’t it?

We are starting to get our Christmas stock in now so you will see different stuff on the shelves, and I must say some of it is walking out the door as soon as it comes in.

We seem to have had a few of changes in the people of Boolarra this year. The reasons are many and varied for leaving us.  Sad to see the residents leave, as you get to know the families when there are children.  On the other hand it’s great to be able to welcome the newies to town with the Welcome Packs that are provided by the Community Development Group and Latrobe City.  It really is a great place to live and be involved in.

That’s it for now from your Post Office.  “The Heart of Boolarra”
Gwenda, Roger, Kaye, Jeff and Joy